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BharattKumar Mistry

Anjni Mistry

Gunjan Mistry

BharattKumar Mistry

  • Founder Director of Amruttam Research institute for Reiki & Yoga.
  • B.Sc, LLB with taxation, engineering drop put.
  • Efficient officer in Surat district home guard.
  • Three years in N.C.C. during college time won the best cadet throughout all three years.
  • He was a bodybuilder and weight lifter and won prizes during University championships.
  • He had also won prizes in drama competitions and youth festivals.
  • He has learned to use and know 118 types of weapons from stick to LMG during his N.C.C
    training days and home guard service.
  • He has written a book on “Kriya Yog”.
  • While practicing as a Reiki master he has done many types of research and developed advanced
    Reiki courses.
  • He has invented many therapies such as different yoga techniques-sadhanas, water therapy,
    pendulum prediction method & Energio Vastu, different holistic stones (crystal) products

Anjni Mistry

  • She is the director of training in Amruttam Research Institute for Reiki & Yoga.
  • She has 22 years of experience as a reiki master and as a born teacher as well, she has
    taught thousands of Reiki students till now and continue to do so.
  • She has done diploma with home-sciences.
  • In her youth, she has won many prizes in singing competitions.
  • She is god-gifted in real arts and drawings.
  • She became independent from the age of 16 and is a self-taught artist in many art fields such
    as crafting, asphalt painting, oil painting, etc.
  • She became the youngest tutor at the age of 15 and won 6 awards for the youngest tutor from the age of 15 to 21 during summer camps.

Gunjan Mistry

  • She is the director of research at Amruttam Research Institute for Reiki & Yoga.
  • Daughter of Bharattkumar and Anjana Mistry.
  • She learned Reiki at the age of 5 and became the youngest Reiki master at the age of 8 and half
  • By the blessings of Reiki, she helped her father Bharattkuamr in curing multiple personalities
    disorder at the age of 7.
  • She has learned classical music for 5 years and did study and research on the effects of different Indian classical music’s Ragas on different parts of the human body.
  • She has found around 60 other symbols in Reiki sadhna apart from the current prevalent main symbols in Reiki.
  • Interested in Quantum sciences, the science and methodology of energy, after completing
    her 12th with Biology, she started and is currently working on research for the cure of Thalassemia by differential breathing techniques.
  • She is a national-level rifle shooter and has won a total of 30 medals from district to national level shooting championships in different Rifle shooting events.

What people say about us

Joining this institute has been a life changing experience for me. The standard of classes is excellent and amount of dedication attributed towards each student from these Reiki masters is way beyond expectations. Highly recommended to everyone for a better and meaningful life .

V Lakhanpal

Ur all worries ends here,one stop solution,its like a new birth new life.
Its will be the part of ur routine if u do reiki managment from this institute.and Sir Madam here r like second parents.
I m a blessed child by joining here.

Drashti Patel

Honestly words are not enough to describe my experience Reiki is life changing for me and i strongly believe, a solution to all the problems in life and beyond. The quality of classes at this institute are an eye opener to every aspect of life and a guided path for a better journey.

Harpreet Kaur

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