Amruttam Reiki Yoga

SINCE 1999

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Want To Know About Reiki?

SINCE 1999

Want To Know About Reiki?


+91 99090 00529


Want To Know About Reiki?

SINCE 1999

Want To Know About Reiki?

SINCE 1999

Want To Know About Reiki?

SINCE 1999

Want To Know About Reiki?

SINCE 1999

+91 99090 00529


Want To Know About Reiki?

What Others Say About Us

We have trained numerous students and their honest reviews of their experience at The Amruttam research Institute has been shared


Vishakha Chauhan

Reiki with this particular institute is a completely different experience. My journey has been so powerful and genuinely result-oriented. The overall process of achieving your desired goals and overcoming all my physical, mental and social issues became possible with their scientific approach. Be it migraine, menses issue, career-related or personal life...It has accelerated my overall development for a lifetime. The gurus follow a very genuine .. research-based, years and years of deep meditation and spiritual practices, rational method of healing. "Amruttam Research Institute of Reiki & Yoga build me up for a very positive and successful life. They really work hard in achieving what is only best for you. They have taken reiki to the very next level an excellent, pure, and honest way of teaching yoga(Theory and Practical). People all over the world are part of this institute...Reiki Master Bharattkumar Mistry and Reiki Master Anjana Mistry are very dedicated to their students. All their practical application has been proven successful in overcoming any challenges in life(Health Issues, Life-Threatening disease, Professional & Personal Development). The best is that they provide Online Classes.

Kumarpal Shah


AMRUTTAM REIKI & YOGA INSTITUTE is the best research center & training center in its category in the world. It-Simply an amazing experience to be part of the Amruttam family, -Hats off to the teaching skills and their dedication to students (AMRUTTAM family members). -We learn here about Energy science, its relativity with our physical, mental, spiritual body, and its uses for transforming our life!! What We can achieve, Healing of any disease, transforming personality, Acceptance to changes, which is the toughest thing in the world , Financial targets And endless achievement. The best part is we are trained here to achieve things using our own strength (independence) so go get discovered 🕵 You are 1 step away towards enlightenment 🌞 ( It's my experience ))

Tanvi Pariawala

Hello, I am Tanvi Pariawala. I started using AmrutBatti in June-2021 and can feel the changes in our home. It comes with a unique Yagya-Vedi. Which has its spiritual benefits. AmrutBatti is a dhoop stick with a pleasant fragrance. Along with the fragrance it has so many spiritual benefits. It keeps our minds calm. That helps us to live a better life. After using AmrutBatti at our home, I and my family feels relaxed at home. The harmony between the family members has improved after using it. It works well on animals also. We have dogs at our home. And noticeable changes have been seen in their behavior. AmrutBatti also helped in increasing my father's business. It is highly recommended to use AmrutBatti regularly.

Maitri Solanki

Student & National Hockey Player

Reiki Powered Globules (RPG), I'm Maitri. I like to share my experience with "Reiki Powered Globules (RPG)". I was suffering from PMS (premenstrual syndrome). After having "Reiki Powered Globules (RPG)" there was a lot of relief through those times. "Reiki Powered Globules (RPG)" is not made up of any medicine or chemical. "Reiki Powered Globules (RPG)" are purely charged by Reiki power. It consists of a lot of positive energy. And through that intense Reiki power, it's very effective in many more ways for everyone who has these "Power pills". Thank you so much for the pills!!

Harpreet Kaur

Business Woman

Honestly, words are not enough to describe my experience since I signed up for them. Reiki is life-changing for me and I strongly believe, a solution to all the problems in life and beyond. The quality of classes at this institute is an eye-opener to every aspect of life and a guided path for a better journey, thanks to the wonderful and genuine reiki masters (my gurus) whom I can look up to at any point in my life. I feel blessed and would strongly recommend everyone to learn reiki because it's not just an experience, it's a daily lifestyle.

Adit Pariawala

Namaste. I am Adit Pariawala. I am a teacher and a dog trainer. I have joined the Amruttam Research Institute of Reiki and Yoga on March, 21. I can say it was the best decision of my life. They have the best mentors Bharat sir and Anjani ma'am. They truly showed me light in the darkness and the correct path to walk on. They gave me the best possible knowledge of energy and how it affects our life. Within 6 months I have noticed changes in myself. I am calmer, have peace with myself and others, am connected with nature, and am grounded.


Architect & Business Woman

I learned reiki at Amruttam Research Institute last year. I am very happy with my experience as they give a deep knowledge of this subject and it's a life-changing experience and they are always ready to guide you. I am happy that I chose this institute to learn Reiki. Even when your course is over, they are ready to help you in every possible way related to reiki. Once you join this institute they become like your family member.

V Lakhanpal

IITIAN Engineer

Joining this institute has been a life-changing experience for me. You will get to see an entirely different perspective of life and have a tool (Reiki) to find solutions to your perpetual problems. The standard of classes is excellent and the amount of dedication attributed to each student from these Reiki masters is way beyond expectations. Highly recommended to everyone for a better and more meaningful life.

Sneha Agarwal

BBA with Computer Application

Learning Reiki from this institute is like if u are thirsty n u get water. how thankful u feel to the person who gave water. it's the same over here. anytime u need help always they are available to guide u. n they guide to the extent u get a result, that's the best part of the institute. the understanding I have got here is invaluable. thank you sir n mam for giving the support.

Drashti Patel


Ur all worries end here, one-stop solution, it's like a new birth new life. It will be part of our routine if u do reiki management at this institute. And Sir Madam here r like second parents. I m a blessed child by joining here.

Dr. Kinjal Desai

They have excellent services. I was skeptical before joining, god's grace I joined this institute. They have transformed my life and outlook towards life in a wonderful manner. I recommend this institute.

Devesh Makwana

Interior Designer

Excellent Teaching...Excellent Caring...Excellent Guidance...Most Amazing Experience.. We have Problems but This Institute has All the SOLUTIONS..

Anjali P

BSc Chemistry

It's an amazing, life-changing opportunity as well World wide incomparable place.

Aarti Jain

I can say this is the best institute... Learning reiki from here is a life-changing experience for me... Excellent teaching... Thanks, ma'am

Shailesh Jain

Business Man

You Can Change Your Life Here....They Have Solution For Your Every Problem

Ankur Bhatia

Digital Marketing Trainer

The Best Reiki Institute in Surat.

Tejas Jogani

It is a lifetime achievement

Niranjan Baheti